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Gloucester, MA Media / Press Page


Gloucester and Cape Ann are served by two local newspapers:
* Gloucester Daily Times - Daily: Mon-Sat
* Cape Ann Beacon - Weekly on Friday

Cape Ann TV provides public access television.

Gloucester's favorite Blog is Good Morning Gloucester.

Press Room

Cruise ships come to Gloucester from June through October. See schedule here (more dates will be added as ships confirm).

Authors, filmmakers, journalists and songwriters have been telling stories about Gloucester for centuries (see some examples here).

City of Gloucester Official Logo

The City of Gloucester has an official logo (see right). Several formats are available for download, below, along with basic specifications. You are welcome to use the logo on materials that promote the City of Gloucester and Cape Ann.

Gloucester, MA Official Logo Downloads

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Gloucester, MA Official Logo Specifications
Logo Color for offset printing Pantone 322 (U or C)
Logo Color for the Web (RGB) #00727D
Typeface for "GLOUCESTER, MA" Adobe Garamond Pro
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